The final days of 2021 are upon us. Even if we’re STILL trying to wrap our heads around the fact that 2019 will soon be 3 YEARS behind us, that hasn’t stopped us from forging forward into 2022 with 🔥 goals and bomb @$$ strategies in mind!

If you’re wondering what you should focus your marketing efforts on after cheers-ing champagne this weekend, check out our latest blog ASAP! ⬇️


1) Own. That. $hit.

Business Owners: Forget Third-Party Data – Prioritize Your OWN!


Thanks to certain platforms (*cough*Facebook & Google*cough*) who have gotten a bit greedy in helping themselves to our data (okay let’s be honest, A LOT greedy), there is more concern than ever over user privacy online.

Regulations are in place to address how these online mega beasts use our info. We have already seen tracking and data collection changes with Apples’ iOS 14 updates. Not to mention Facebook just announced that they are pulling back on more targeting options come this January.

Times are changing…again. For YOU as a business owner, this means you should not only rely on 3rd party platforms to do your targeting and data gathering. 


Bottom line: Invest in your email lists, use your on-site analytics, and build your internal customer database.



2) Truth Bombs Needed

Business Owners: Transparency is Key


Distrust in the media, news, and un-reputable online companies have led to a customer craving for transparency from brands – along with the fact that the average consumer is digitally savvy. Before someone does business with you today, they have done their research. They are INFORMED buyers. The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer survey revealed that many consumers see trust as a leading factor in their purchasing decisions.

It is really a very simple concept, but often hard to get across in your marketing. Here are a few simple ways to step it up: 

  • Share ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘How To’ videos
  • Be open about your products, processes, and expected results
  • Think about your sales process: do you educate your customers enough or provide them valuable content?
  • Create a mission statement that is authentic, and then carry that mission through in all your marketing. Your social media brand voice should echo your mission and values 


Bottom line: Consumers want to do business with companies that are honest, open, and give them answers.



3) Get to the point already! 

Short-Form Video for All Types of Businesses


Thanks to TikTok (and Reels), short-form video is here to stay and these video social platforms have set the precedent. While TikTok’s user base may still mostly consist of Gen Z, it is likely that even your grandparents have watched some type of short-form video at this point! This trend has already expanded to other platforms – for example, Youtube shorts, and we will be seeing even more channels with short-form video placements in 2022.

Why do they work? 15-60 second clips of video are digestible pieces of content that give consumers a handful of information. The more creative and authentic, the better. Overall,  it is TOF (top of funnel) because you can’t fit much content in such a short time frame, but they are relevant to your buyer’s journey and should NOT be ignored.


Bottom line: Short-form video isn’t just a trend – these video snippets have yielded the second highest ROI for B2C marketing in 2021, according to Hubspot, and deserve attention as we head forward into 2022.



4) Micro Marketing for Mega Results 

Business Owners: Use Micro Influencers for Mega Impact 


Along with the theme of transparency being a necessity, consumers in 2022 will increasingly seek social proof when considering businesses. Social proof can come in the form of customer reviews and testimonials, but using influencers adds another layer of trust and credibility when done right. A huge win for small businesses is that ‘Micro Influencers’ have entered the social spaces and this means you can hire an influencer with a smaller audience and, typically, a smaller budget. Micro Influencers typically have less than 100k followers, but in this case it is quality over quantity

The benefits of a smaller audience, beyond the budget, is that these influencers can be hyper local and/or hyper-focused. They are typically very aligned with a particular niche and know their audiences well. Almost any type of business can use an influencer, and the metrics for tracking ROI don’t change just because they are Micro. It goes beyond just products and makeup.


Bottom line: In 2022, we will see more B2B companies, services, and local businesses incorporating influencer marketing into their strategies. 


Have you already started looking into any of the above? If not, now’s the time to start! Freshen up your social media marketing strategy and get ready to take on everything 2022 has to offer – and if you need help? The Spark is here! ✨✨✨