Your marketing dollars matter to us, so getting you the best results possible is our ultimate goal. Our clients’ wins are our wins and we have the case studies to prove it.

Digital Marketing for Medical Practice Growth

500% Faster Growth and 7x Return on Investment

We generated 2,925 leads in 9 months for a local medical practice.. Using paid media to reach a target audience generated 500% more leads as compared to prior digital marketing tactics and gave him a 7x Return on Investment (ROI).

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Lead Generation for Medical Practice
How to Get New Google Reviews

Positive Google Review Growth

1600% Increase for Healthcare Company’s Google Reviews

We increased our client’s positive online reviews by 475% and their ranking skyrocketed from  less than 3 Stars to 4.8 in only 8 months.  With strategy and automation there has been a 1600% positive review increase overall.

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Facebook Ads to Get New Customers

2,500 New Local Customers and 6x Return on Ad Spend

We grew our local franchise restaurant client’s email database with 2,500 new customers. Over 7,700 emails to new qualified customers to engage them and bring them back as repeat customers for a 6x return on marketing spends.

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Facebook Ads to Get New Customers
Solar lead Generation

Lead Generation for Solar Company

75% Less Spent on Advertising AND Double the Leads

We reduced our clients advertising costs by 75% AND Doubled their leads in 4 months by creating an online sales funnel and nurturing system for solar leads that generated consistent leads for them at an average of $32 per lead.

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Social Media Marketing Results

100% Growth, $0 Budget with Social Media Marketing

Using strategic partnerships with hyper local influencers we were able to help our client’s social media profile expand reach 100% and increase engagement by 81% – without paid media.

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Marketing for Nonprofits
Facebook Lead Generation for Foster Care Agency

Facebook Ads to Grow Email Lists

21% email growth, adding 583 new contacts

In just 12 months we helped our nonprofit grow their  email database by 21% adding 583 new contacts/leads. We targeted a very niche audience with Facebook/Meta Ads and used A/B testing to optimize the campaign and qualify leads.

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The Spark Social is a team of Marketing Experts

Here is some recognition & certifications for some of the pretty cool things we have done! We are Digital Marketers with the expertise and awards to back it.