Craving More Customers? Try These 2024 Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing for small businesses is more crucial than ever, and the competition is fierce. So, what can your small business do to stand out and increase your customer count in 2024? Spoiler alert: it’s not more print ads. First, businesses must create a digital marketing strategy, and then review it annually. Gone are the days of throwing more money at your print ad campaigns or boosting your direct mail budget. A digital strategy will be your cornerstone for successfully [...]

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5 Lazy Marketing Tips: Minimum Effort, Maximum Impact!

We get it - it’s summer and all you want to do is be on the beach enjoying the season - tbh we feel the same way! But how can you keep your business growing without being tied to a computer? Don't worry, we've got your back! Sometimes, all it takes are a few small tweaks to boost your marketing strategy. Keep your booty at the beach and start boosting your marketing efforts today:   1. Update Your Social Media [...]

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Spark Marketing Predictions for 2022

  The final days of 2021 are upon us. Even if we’re STILL trying to wrap our heads around the fact that 2019 will soon be 3 YEARS behind us, that hasn’t stopped us from forging forward into 2022 with 🔥 goals and bomb @$$ strategies in mind! If you’re wondering what you should focus your marketing efforts on after cheers-ing champagne this weekend, check out our latest blog ASAP! ⬇️   1) Own. That. $hit. Business Owners: Forget Third-Party [...]

Taking Photos with Your Phone 101 – Simple Tricks to Take Scroll-Stopping Pics

Your new assignment has come down; you’ve been selected to be the official “photo-taker” for your company’s social media accounts. Business meetings, events, employee birthdays, and other occasions; it’s all on you to document with your smartphone!  Gulp. Time to panic, right? Never, when you’ve got The Spark on your side! We’re sharing some of the most common problems when taking mobile pictures to help relieve your newly acquired pressure. First, some tips before you even open that Camera app:  [...]

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