About Kaleigh Myers

Kaleigh Myers is the Digital Ads Specialist at the Spark Social. Kaleigh has worked in social media since 2015, and has specialized in paid social media for the last 3 years, having worked with Mom & Pop e-commerce stores, nationwide nonprofits, local establishments, B2B software companies, and just about everything in between. When she’s not crafting the perfect Instagram, you can find her skiing, hiking, traveling around the world, and perfecting her dog Doc’s Instagram account — her dream in life is to live off of her pup’s Influencer status and become the ultimate dog momager.

Traditional vs. Digital Advertising – Why It’s Time to Upgrade

Sometimes The Spark comes across business owners who tell us they’re too nervous to spend over $1,000 dollars on a Facebook Ad, but that they would comfortably spend that same amount on a billboard. Even more, they would be happy if just ONE person converted from that billboard.  Excuse us as we facepalm.  We know that every dollar you spend matters, and it’s crucial to get the maximum impact with those dollars. At the same time, we understand the wow [...]

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4 Tips to Maximize your Company’s Presence on Twitter

If you’re looking to take a new approach to marketing in 2021, Twitter can be a fantastic resource to find customers and followers!  Twitter is the  #1 platform for discovery, with 79% of people on Twitter seeking to discover what’s new, making it a great platform to reach out to your ideal client or customer and find out WHAT THEY WANT.  I find that most businesses will dig their heels in when we bring up Twitter, with worries of online [...]

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