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Heather Bryant has been the Social Media Account Manager and Content Specialist at The Spark Social since May 2020. Heather comes from a wide-ranging background and has experience in print and digital advertising campaigns, social media, and creating original content for e-newsletters, websites, and other promotional material. ⁣

Taking Photos with Your Phone 101 – Simple Tricks to Take Scroll-Stopping Pics

Your new assignment has come down; you’ve been selected to be the official “photo-taker” for your company’s social media accounts. Business meetings, events, employee birthdays, and other occasions; it’s all on you to document with your smartphone!  Gulp. Time to panic, right? Never, when you’ve got The Spark on your side! We’re sharing some of the most common problems when taking mobile pictures to help relieve your newly acquired pressure. First, some tips before you even open that Camera app:  [...]

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You Can’t Afford to Ignore Your Digital Reputation Any Longer

We added ‘any longer' to the title of this article for a reason: because it’s likely that you’re well-aware that your business may have a few negative reviews floating around on GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Indeed…  "Whatever", you might be thinking. Sure, there’s some negativity online, but it’s all lies, vendettas, spammers not worth your time. Maybe you’ve responded to a few already and given them a piece of your mind, called them out on their b*llshit so everyone could see [...]

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