We’ve been using social media since social media was a thing. Yep, we’re talking
MySpace, and joining Facebook as some of the OG users (first 1 million users). In
terms of helping businesses grow on social media, collectively, we have decades of
experience. Both our founders, Nicole and Alicia have extensive experience working with local businesses.

Let’s start the conversation there. If the numbers align and we see potential to
bring you ROI, then we can talk about your marketing investment in the dollar

Also, see here.
For our basic consultation we start at $325 for a 2 Hour Strategy Session.

We don’t throw spaghetti at the wall. We have proprietary processes.
Year of experience.
We also like dogs.

We prefer to call them partnerships. Because contracts are for lawyers.
We ask for our partnerships to start with a 3-6 month commitment because it takes time to get the ball rolling. We’re marketers not freaking magicians.

We know you want a straight forward answer, and we’re not trying to beat around the bush, but it depends. Overall, we set clear goals for our clients before any contracts have been signed, and results and ROI is set per campaign and per client. Some items that may effect your results:

  • Ad Spend Budget
  • Your Participation in the Marketing Plan
  • The lunar equinox … just kidding
  • Internal customer service and experience
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s mood… kind of kidding
  • The types of campaigns and goals we set up
  • Market/Industry challenges and consumer behavior

It is basically magic. But we took an intensive course that trained us on the magic of Facebook and Social Media Marketing.

We onboard 3-5 clients a month. Please contact us to get the process started.

The Spark Social is a team of Marketing Experts

Here is some recognition & certifications for some of the pretty cool things we have done! We are Digital Marketers with the expertise and awards to back it.